The Officials of Man

Posted by The Bobocracy - May 15, 2012 | Link

After careful deliberation of a select few Men, it has been decided to bestow the most honorable of awards upon an exclusive group of merchants that have been found to provide quite simply the finest products and services available to Men.

It is with great pleasure that I announce to the finest of Men the selections for The Weekend of Man 2010. While on this planet exists an unbelievably vast network of merchants capable of providing objects of desire to Men, only the best even come remotely close to the nearly unreachable standards of The Weekend of Man.

While traditionally commerce would establish roles such as customer and vendor, it is contrary to the objective of which The Weekend of Man seeks to accomplish. Our goal is quite simple: Create relationships. We will seek to build long-term value by those esteemed enough to reach the lofty Weekend of Man standards.

You can view the Inaugural class on The Officials of Man.


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Copyright © 2019 The Weekend of Man