The Words of Men

You look like an Old Spice commercial!

Good Times Johnny - Commentary on the appearance of Scottish Rob in his boat.

Blackjack or Tech Support?

Master Baiter Jason - Clarifying which Indians.

How 'bout that tater tot cock sucker?!

Kent 45 The Six Shitter - Incorrectly describing a good golf shot.

OK guys, this is going to work and it's going to be hilarious!

Undrafted Jeff - Plotting the hand-in-warm-water trick on The Bobocracy, standing adjacent to a still-awake Bobocracy.

Hey Chuck, titties!

Bruce-in-Law - Attempting to raise Dr. Chuck and Mr. Solheid.

Excuse me, do you have any capes or scepters?

Good Times Johnny - Finding a gift for The Wizard...At a bait shop.

When I used the ATM it said English or Chippewa. I selected Chippewa and it gave me tobacco.

Good Times Johnny - Early morning at the casino, still drunk from the night before.


Fellow McGregor Owner - Iron Range native's interpretation of Scottish Rob's conversation about a boat.

Do they check for outstanding warrants at the border?

The Wizard - On a spontaneous plan to retrieve authentic maple syrup.

They named it Bitchfield!

Brother Gene - Commentary on first-ring Minneapolis suburbs.

Cotton paper is what Tom would use for dinner invitations.

Good Times Johnny - Commentary on the official parchment of Man.

It's not beer. It's whiskey.

Good Times Johnny - Responding to Bearded Jack's concern of drinking malted beverages before 9:00 am.

I have to get a Blatz Light to wash this crap beer out of my mouth.

Undrafted Jeff - In slight violation of Lipetzky's Law.

He said you look like an Old Spice commercial!

Unknown Marina Patron - The relayed response to Scottish Rob's inquiry of Good Times Johnny's declaration.

We walk into the Legion and it's 50 cent beers.................So ten dollars later...

Kent 45 The Six Shitter - Narrating a story that illustrates when to leave a bar.

Somebody knocked my dick in the dirt.

Profound Schmitz - Responding to the Bag Drop Attendant's greeting.


The Bobocracy - Calling for (and receiving) a drink from a beverage cart on a lake-front golf course while in a boat on said lake fishing.

Saying IPAs are gross is like saying cars suck after driving a Pinto.

Good Times Johnny - Responding to Cinnamon's description of highly-hopped beers.


Dr. Chuck and Mr. Solheid - Stating his opinion of observations made unto him by Man Alumni.

One time I blew a tranny, during rush hour.

Cinnamon! - Leaving us all to draw our own conclusions.

It's definitely, probably...

The Wizard - Casting a spell.

I'd rather eat 75 year old p***y than taste the Colonel's chicken.

Unknown Paired Golfer - Dissertation of fast food while urinating into the wind onto himself.

Should I piss on them?

The Bobocracy - Observing hundreds of still butterflies, in the middle of Sporadic Jack's backswing.

Oh no.

Master Baiter Jason and Kent 45 the Six Shitter (Simultaneous) - Response to a stranger's declaration of poor hearing when asking directions to the nearest vendor of alcohol

Hey you weren't kidding, this lake really is beautiful.

Bruce-in-Law - Observing Lake Vermilion, voiding off the far side of the boat while fishing.


Scottish Rob - Scottish Rob's interpretation of a native Iron Ranger's conversation about a boat.

How much does she weigh?

The Phoni Peroni - Problem solving.

Four person is NOT four man.

Good Times Johnny - Calculating the operating capacities of a hot tub, post occupancy.

I'm drunk and need a little pick-me-up.

Good Times Johnny - Response to inquiry about a purchase of more beer.

It's like Vince Lombardi once said: Winning isn't the only thing, it's the only thing.

Kent 45 The Six Shitter - Quoting legends.

A twenty. Let me get you a few bucks in change.

Arctic Barker - Negotiating the 3:00 am sale of goods to a naked man.


Kent 45 The Six Shitter - Unsolicited opinion to further time at The Gladiator.

It's really nice to sit around this fire with all you g...Man, I played golf like shit today.

Sporadic Jack - Interrupting himself.

I'm a man of moral ambiguity. I believe in something strongly, until I don't believe in it any more.

The Wizard - Loop-holing future activities.


Dr. Chuck and Mr. Solheid - In response to Bruce-in-Law

Hey Chuck, titties!

Bruce-in-Law - Attempting to raise Dr. Chuck and Mr. Solheid.

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Copyright © 2019 The Weekend of Man