men do other things.

men do other things.

The Traditions
The Activities

The Traditions

The Beer of the Pioneers
Each year, a number of Men choose to arrive to The Weekend of Man one day early.  A single rule must be observed:  They must purchase a two cases of beer:  The first is a case of Blatz Light.  The second is a case of the cheapest beer sold at Dino's Liquors, Aurora MN.

The Smoking of the Pipes
Each year, the Men who choose to arrive one day early engage in a ritual smoking of pipes at sunset.  Sporadic Jack supplies the pipes and a variety of cavendish for Men to enjoy.  Each Man can select any pipe of his choosing, however there are two that are held separately, that each Man must individually earn.
  • The Nordic - A wood-carved pipe featuring a nordic viking head.  A Man must first show proficiency with a lesser pipe before being granted the Nordic.
  • The Richard Talbot - The pipe of Sporadic Jack's Grandfather, the Richard Talbot may only be awarded to a single Man each year.  This decision has been delegated (per Brotocol #3) to Sporadic Jack.
The Opening Ceremonies
Each year immediately following the first round of the Ironhead Cup, an epic feast is served to the finest of Men.


The Activities

Minnesota Off Highway Vehicle (OHV/ATV) Park
About five miles away from Giants Ridge is the state's only designated OHV park. Its located in a reclaimed mine and is managed by the State of Minnesota. You can rent 4-wheelers and moto-cross bikes and go bombing around until your heart is content. Trails are graded much like ski slopes, offering a variety of terrain for novice and experienced riders.

Mine Tours
Built on top of old iron mine tailings, Mine View In The Sky give you a fantastic view of the entire city of Virginia, MN and the now-flooded mine pit that sits adjacent to the town. It's free to go up and get a great view of the Iron Range.

If you'd rather go down 2,300 feet into the earth than several hundred feet above it, you can take a tour of the Soudan Underground Mine. It's on the south shores of Lake Vermilion, about 5-10 minutes East of Fortune Bay.

Frisbee (Disc) Golf
Giants Ridge is home to one of the world's largest disc golf courses. Its next to the ski hill/resort, mere steps from The Legend clubhouse and The Giants Ridge Lodge. It will run you a whopping five bucks to play, and has some great views of Giants Ridge as it plays up the ski hill. Follow the link below for a course map and some great pictures of the views from the course.

Biking & Hiking
Giants Ridge maintains several miles of biking and hiking trails. For those that would like to take the "leisurely" version of hiking/biking, there's a "Summit Shuttle" that will drive groups up to the top of the ski hill. Given the laid-back nature of the Iron Range, you might even be able to take a beverage or two with you.

Floatplane Tours
By far one of the most exhilarating ways to enjoy flight, you can tour Lake Vermilion and the surrounding region (including Giants Ridge) from the air!  Flights require a reservation and are reasonably priced, so if you want to go, give Van Air a call. See link below.

It's really nice to sit around this fire with all you g...Man, I played golf like shit today.

Sporadic Jack - Interrupting himself.

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