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The 2009 Logo of Man
The 2009 Logo of Man


Man Weekend 2009 closed successfully, albeit cold, and so the planning for The Weekend of Man, MMX begins.

I have finalized our reservations and am happy to inform you that we will have the exact same accommodations we had last year. In addition, due to an expected increase in demand, we will add one more villa to The Home of Man. Should this become unnecessary due to lower-than-expected attendance, I will modify our reservation.

Bruce-in-Law has been appointed as the Treasurer for the Man Weekend Alumni Association and will be coordinating our related financials. I have been happy to inform him that I have negotiated a discount for our group in excess of 31% for our lodging from this year's rates.

I encourage you to visit regularly to stay up-to-date on The Blog of Man as I will post regular updates here rather than sending lengthy emails to you about all things Man.

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